Breaking the Silence - Stories of encounters with non-human intelligence.

James P Lough  A Retired Government Attorney

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Steve Neills BreakingTheSILENCE

Cracks Open Decades of Hushed Innuendo Real People & Real Stories of Encounters with Non-Human Intelligence

For decades people whove had close encounters with UAPS (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) and non-human beings have been marginalized and ridiculed. In a time when NASA & Congress have been assembling their study teams and data to move scientific understanding of this phenomenon Its long past time for the Real Truth To Come Out!

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Breaking The Silence, is Steve Neills spellbinding, and riveting expose of Real People having Real Experiences with unidentified phenomena and non-human beings. 

BTS Episode 1 Daphne's Story shatters barriers and soundwaves and brings to light encounters never seen before due to the stigma surrounding this subject.

This show depicts encounters with UAPs, UFOs, and non-human intelligence as well as interviews and reenactments of real people who have the strength to come forward and break this silence without fear. Hear first-hand accounts from a Navy officer and his wife Marilyn, Robert Salas, Whitley Streiber and more tell their never-before-heard first-hand encounters.  

BreakingTheSILENCE airs monthly on the first and third Saturdays at 6:00 pm PST. Every Friday Steve Neill interviews experts and authors on this riveting phenomenon in a Livestream that the public can interact with and get answers to their questions.

This show takes stories to new heights never seen before. Hear first encounter stories from:

Robert Salas, A Former Military Officer who experienced a nuclear missile shutdown event, as well as an encounter he had with his wife, Marilyn.

James P. Lough, A Retired Government attorney discusses his encounter. Writer of Threat To The Body Politic and more... 

Steve Neill is a filmmaker, puppeteer, model maker, and visual effects (VFX) artist with over 35 years in the film and television industry. Mentored by Francis Coppola and Head Fred B. Phillips at Disney, Neills first assignment was making Spocks ears for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. 

All films are created by Steve Neill in collaboration with  Mary Cacciapaglia at SNG Studio in Ventura, CA. Cacciapaglia is a filmmaker, Artist, photographer, and videographer.

Prior Films from SNG include But Something Is There,(Directors Cut), The Dreamtime, and A Conversation With My Father. Films can be viewed at SNG Studio

Neills multi-talents have included making prosthetics and puppet heads for National Lampoons Class Reunion, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Ghostbusters, and Fright Night amongst many others.

Dont Miss this Spellbinding New Series and Episodes!

Breaking the Silence on YouTube, 

BTS Episode 1 Daphne's Story

Every first and third Saturday at 6:00 pm PST.

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