Estonia’s Vintage Foods partners with UAE’s David and Goliath Farms to Pioneer Sustainable Agriculture Expansion.

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Tallinn, Harju May 16, 2024 ( - David and Goliath Farms, a trailblazer in innovative agricultural practices and carbon credit monetization, has unveiled a pioneering partnership with Vintage Foods. This collaboration is set to extend David and Goliaths unique and proprietary sustainable farming model to a wider audience, propelling global environmental goals by leveraging a unique financial model that replaces traditional seed funding with carbon credit forward contracts.

Nestled within the golden dunes of Ajman, David & Goliath Farms has secured a remarkable 5 million through the avant-garde strategy of forward carbon credit monetization, owing to its innovative hydroponic and vertical farming systems that have pinned it as a success story of the future of environmental entrepreneurship.

David and Goliath Farms have successfully transformed green practices into tangible profits through strategic carbon credit monetization. This approach generates a robust annual revenue of $833,430 and prevents the emission of 15,000 metric tons of CO2. These results steer the agricultural sector towards a more sustainable horizon and underscore the financial viability of such practices.

David and Goliath Farms visionary approach uses forward carbon credit monetization, through which they recently secured 5 million. This infusion is the first wave of a planned 50 million funding initiative to nurture the farms growth from 3 to 25 high-tech hydroponic greenhouses.

The initial 5 million tranche is not just capital; its a beacon of progressive agricultural entrepreneurship. With precise benchmarks for the remaining funds, David and Goliath Farms are on track to redefine what it means to be an eco-conscious agrarian enterprise.

This move results from David & Goliaths recent negotiation of a carbon credit rate of 50 per ton, which culminates in an annual return of 750,000 in carbon credits locked in for seven years. With forecasts suggesting an ascent in carbon credit prices to the 70-90+ range by 2030 within regulated markets like the EU ETS, the investor remains prudently secure with the credits locked in at a conservative 50, safeguarding their financial future against market volatility.

Numerous agricultural enterprises are embracing the growing interest in sustainable practices. This trend has paved the way for a strategic partnership between David and Goliath Farms and Vintage Foods. This collaboration, which aligns with global sustainability objectives, is poised to enhance the ecological footprint of agricultural operations worldwide significantly. Vintage Foods will adopt and scale these innovative practices, thereby setting a new standard for environmental responsibility in agriculture.

Every step towards their expansion is a stride towards a greener future. Every square foot of their high-yield vertical farms is a mini-ecosystem optimized by combining renewable energy solutions, AI-optimized LED lighting, automated climate control, supply chain optimization, and direct air capture (DAC).

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Dr. Lal Bhatia, Chairman of David and Goliath Farms, commented on the broader impact of this partnership: This is about more than just expanding our operations; its about fostering a greener future. Our successful carbon credit strategy and ongoing expansion demonstrate that sustainability and profitability are mutually reinforcing, proving a robust model for the future of agriculture.

Our partnership with David and Goliath Farms and the employment of their innovative approach aim to achieve a multipronged strategy of environmental preservation, food security, product price stability, increased access to capital, and greater profitability. We are excited about the collaboration and foresee the establishment of a test setup by Q4 of 2024, said Paul Kotowski, Managing Director, Vintage Trading/Vintage Foods.

This initiative underscores the UAEs commitment to leading climate initiatives, particularly following the recent UN climate summit COP28. It highlights the nations dedication to promoting sustainable practices across all sectors.


About David & Goliath Farms: Positioned at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, David & Goliath Farms redefines environmental stewardship in the UAE. This leading farm leverages advanced vertical farming technology to dramatically reduce its carbon footprint, cutting over 4200 tons of CO2 emissions per hectare annually. Renowned for its commitment to sustainability, David & Goliath Farms is not just growing rare and exotic produce; it's setting the standard for eco-friendly farming practices globally. As an authority in sustainable agriculture, David & Goliath continues to innovate and lead, proving that luxury and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.

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