Independent Artist Nick Ray Releases New EP Album.

Northern Lights EP Album Cover

Birmingham, Alabama Mar 18, 2024 ( - NICK RAY a dynamic and established Independent Artist in the music industry genre of Country-Rock Singer-Songwriter, has just released a new EP Album entitled Northern Lights. It has created quite a buzz and anticipation for the live performances already being booked across the US for a Summer Tour 2024. For Ray, this EP Album represents his sincere chosen musical path and appreciation for the outspoken public display of attachment to his newly created works.

In a season of time, almost every artist in their career finds that certain peak of creativity, where they have dug deep to express in words and melody what has been brewing in them for years. In this case, Rays followers and industry affiliates have boldly commented on specific songs such as Northern Lights to have a warm song structure, exceptional vocal and harmony delivery, and overall depth of the track. The alluring acoustic guitar in the intro truly sets the stage. Ray also engulfs himself in the melody, and his emotions cast the listener into a place of natures reflection of peace. You can hear it on YouTube at:    

One of Rays personal favorites off the EP Album is Homeless Man, where he deeply captures the human side of enduring lifes struggles; be it humanitarian crisis, personal hardship and disappointment, worldly conflicts, or emotional pains too hard to comprehend, this song transcends into some of the same shared feelings with the entire world. Even with the reality check, this music allows kindred spirits to find their stories are not lost pages in a diary.

The link to this song can be found at:

One can enjoy all the selections of this versatile album, as there is something for everyones taste in this genre. Add Ray to your booking venue, festival, private events line-up, etc. Get to know Ray; hes one in a million.

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