Introducing bspoke: A Revolutionary Concept Redefining Retail Pop-Ups.

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Los Angeles, California May 9, 2024 ( - bspoke, a groundbreaking curated retail gallery poised to transform the way brands interact with consumers is now open in the former SUPREME space on Fairfax. With an innovative approach to the pop-up experience, bspoke provides a dynamic platform for emerging and established brands alike to showcase their products, elevate their brand identity, and ignite creativity like never before.

At bspoke, we understand the challenges brands face in reaching their target audience, building brand recognition, and creating memorable experiences. That's why we've crafted a one-of-a-kind opportunity that merges retail, marketing, and events into an immersive brand activation experience.

For just $1750 per brand per month, participating brands gain access to an array of exclusive benefits designed to maximize brand engagement. From allowing brands to create captivating visual merchandising to allowing each brand the ability to create one brand-led event during the month that they are in the bspoke space. All of this empowers brands to captivate audiences and engage with influencers in meaningful ways.

"bspoke is envisioned as a dynamic space fostering culture, creativity, and community," stated Michael Dutcher, Founder of bspoke. "We're thrilled to provide a platform for brand engagement, forging connections with both established and emerging audiences & brands in innovative ways. Our goal is to establish bspoke as a cultural cornerstone in the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles."

Key Features of bspoke Include:

  • Instagram Giveaway Collaboration: Partner with @bspoketv on an Instagram giveaway to tap into our top-performing opportunities and reach a wider audience.
  • In-Store Social Media Activation: Enjoy one in-store TikTok and Instagram Live session hosted by our experienced bspoke staff, amplifying brand visibility and engagement.
  • Brand-Led Events: Brands that participate in the monthly curated retail space get the additional benefit of hosting a brand-led event with no venue fee attached, providing a platform to connect directly with current and new customers and showcase your unique offerings.
  • Outdoor Video Billboard Advertisement: Benefit from a video ad playing on the outdoor video billboard throughout the month, ensuring maximum exposure to passersby.
  • In-Store Engagement Opportunities: Connect with in-store shoppers through SKU-specific brand collateral, product samples, and email collection via events, allowing for direct interaction and relationship-building.
  • Gift Bag Inclusions: Provide samples for shoppers & SWAG for our celebrity & influencer gift bags, maximizing brand visibility and influencer engagement.
  • Social Media Promotion: Leverage social media assets for promotion on bspoke channels and potential influencer collaborations, amplifying brand reach and engagement.

Moreover, brands benefit from the convenience of having the space staffed daily by bspoke personnel, eliminating the need for additional staffing resources.

As the CEO of FHI Heat, I can confidently say that our experience at bspoke was exceptional. The immersive environment provided by bspoke allowed us to authentically connect with our customers and influencers on a deeper level, fostering meaningful relationships and sparking genuine engagement. We are grateful for the opportunity and look forward to doing more as we launch new products later this year. bspoke represents a unique opportunity for brands to bridge the gap between online and offline retail, engage directly with consumers, and leave a lasting impression. Whether you're a digital-native brand seeking a physical presence or an established brand looking to connect with a new audience, bspoke offers the perfect platform for success. Jason Dodo

Join us as we redefine the retail landscape and unlock new possibilities for brand activation. Reserve your spot at bspoke today and embark on a journey of creativity, innovation, and consumer engagement.

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About bspoke: bspoke is a curated retail gallery dedicated to redefining the pop-up experience for brands seeking to engage directly with consumers, build brand identity, and unleash creativity. With a focus on providing a dynamic platform for brand activation, bspoke offers an array of exclusive benefits and opportunities to elevate brand visibility and engagement. Learn more at 

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