Introducing Terri Ann Daniels’ Love Poems from Me to You at the 2024 Los Angeles Book Fair.


Los Angeles, California Apr 15, 2024 ( - Love is like a flowing river that continues to flow because of how you love and understand each other. In dedicated years or even months that you have been together, making something special as a gift, or celebrating the special moments you have. Holding tight to that special bond is the key to a long-lasting relationship. Each one of you giving the same level of energy is astounding.

Love Poems from Me to You is a collection of poems that expresses long-lasting relationships or introduces us to the love that gives you importance in life. There are 29 poems in this collective book of poems. Each gives meaning to people who give importance to their loved ones or relationships.

For this year, the 2024 Los Angeles Festival of Books, in coordination with Authors Press, Terri Ann Daniels will participate in this event and share her book, Love Poems from Me to You, with the audience this coming April 20 to 21, 2024 at the University of Southern California.

Slowly, weve explored our/ Oneness, learning the needs/ We each to each fulfill/ And theres no doubt in my mind,/ I love you.
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I was touched by how it appealed to people across different ages and genders. Ive started reading a few verses each night, and it has become a soothing part of my nightly routine.
a book reviewed by Amy, Amazon.

Love Poems from Me to You is a book that can be given to all ages and genders. Express their love to their loved ones, their filial piety to our parents, our romantic relationship to our partners. A collection of prose that talks about the romantic genre to a wide-scope of audience.

Terri Ann Daniels has published several of her poems in various literary journals. Her literary works have also appeared in cards and books. She has been a recognized author in many literary industries because of her achievements.

Grab a copy of Love Poems from Me to You and to other bookstores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

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