New Book Explores the Impact of Spiritual Warfare on Marriages.

The Devil Hates Marriages How So Many People Allow the Devil to Interfere in the Marriage

Vancouver, British Columbia May 16, 2024 ( - In this enlightening work, Addison presents a series of real-life marriage storiesnames changed to protect identitiesthat reveal how couples inadvertently allow the devil to infiltrate their relationships. Through these narratives, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the common pitfalls that lead to divorce and how these marriages could have been saved with different choices and attitudes.

Addisons book is not only for those who are married but also for individuals thinking about marriage or navigating the early stages of their marital journey. Each story provides valuable lessons on dealing with common marital issues such as abuse, deceit, lies, fears, and unhappiness. The insights offered can help readers make more informed decisions, encouraging healthier and stronger marriages.

Additionally, Addison shares glimpses into her own life, inviting readers to connect with her personal experiences and the broader themes of the book. The authors reflections on her family, including the memory of her parents' troubled marriage and the support of her hard-working mother, add a heartfelt view to the story.

The book goes beyond individual stories to address broader societal issues. It touches on topics such as racial self-destruction and public figures like Michael Jackson, providing a varied perspective on how external influences can impact personal relationships. These discussions encourage readers to think critically about their own lives and the world around them.

The book also includes practical advice for those currently married. Addisons message is clear: with effort and commitment from both partners, marriage can be a source of extreme happiness and fulfillment. She emphasizes the importance of qualities like patience, understanding, truthfulness, and forgiveness, urging readers to develop these virtues in their relationships.

Cynthia Addison, a divorced mother of four, brings a wealth of personal experience and insight to her writing. Her dedication to helping others navigate the difficulties of marriage is evident in every page. She hopes that readers will find guidance, comfort, and inspiration in her words. In the authors own words, It is my prayer that everyone who reads this book will gain something good from it and that it will change your life, your marriage, and even some crazy thoughts you may have had. I hope it helps everyone learn to be patient, understanding, helpful, truthful, gentle, grateful, appreciative, thoughtful, loving, kind, honest, giving, and forgiving.

The Devil Hates Marriages: How So Many People Allow the Devil to Interfere in the Marriage is dedicated to Addisons mother, a witness to her strength in raising her children under challenging circumstances. The book is a tribute to her mothers unwavering love and dedication, making it a powerful and personal read.

The book is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading digital book stores worldwide.

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