Rail Service Group conducted their yearly business regatta in Turkey.

Moscow, Russia Aug 7, 2023 ( - In 2023, following a hiatus of three years, Rail Service Group resumed the customary SSW (Spring Sailing Week), an annual business regatta for firms within the railway industry and associated sectors. This time, the competition took place from May 27 to June 3 in Turkey. A total of 12 corporate teams, including those from Rail Service Group, railway rolling stock operators, wagon repair businesses, banks, manufacturers of solid-rolled railway wheels, port business representatives, and a trading firm, participated in the sailing event.

Initially established in 2018 in Croatia with seven teams, the regatta has now nearly doubled in participation. The event comprised both seasoned competitors and complete novices, with races in two categories - Bavaria 46 and Hanse 445, both crowning their respective champions.

The SSW marries sports with business, offering a unique setting for both thrill and networking. Participants report that such events are optimal for building business relationships in a casual setting. Importantly, like in any successful venture, yachting requires excellent teamwork. Only when communication, synchronized actions, and a sense of responsibility are present among team members, can success be achieved. This suggests that such events are not only about promoting amateur sailing but also fostering business development, professional experience sharing, business relationship strengthening, and of course, effective team building.

All teams demonstrated their readiness to fight till the end under any circumstances, overcoming challenges like damaged sails, malfunctioning winches, and even entangled cables. The sense of camaraderie and team spirit remained undeterred amidst these hurdles.

The combined team of Sergey Gushchin triumphed in the Bavaria 46 division after four days of intense racing, marking their first victory in three years. The Wagon-Wheeled Workshop from Stary Oskol clinched the second position, while the trading company OWLL from Dubai took home the bronze. In the Hanse 445 division, the Garant Rail Service team emerged victorious, while a mixed team from the Partners company, composed of representatives from the banking sector, won the silver, and a team of Rail Service employees secured the bronze.

Reflecting on the event, Sergey Gushchin stated, "The sail is our propelling force, representing our team that helps us achieve remarkable speeds. When we adeptly manage this sail and operate as a united team, we can win any race or battle under any conditions. Yachting definitely brings out the best in people and demands qualities that are pivotal not only at sea but also in business courage, resilience, and unity. At times like this, the true worth of a well-coordinated team is understood."

Rail Service intends to keep up and expand the tradition of the regatta, hoping to bring more partners and members from the railway business community onboard in the future.

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