Susan N. Young, Psy.D, Psychologist with Suite 22 Psychological Services.

New York City, New York Apr 1, 2024 ( - Dr. Young, a seasoned psychologist, offers her expertise to patients at her esteemed private practice, Suite 22 Psychological Services, situated in Jacksonville, Florida.

Her academic journey commenced with an undergraduate degree from the University of North Florida in 1997, followed by the attainment of a Doctor of Psychology degree from the Florida Institute of Technology in 2004.

Psychology, as a multifaceted discipline, delves into the intricacies of behavior and cognition, encompassing the exploration of conscious and unconscious phenomena, emotions, and cognition. It stands as an expansive academic field with profound implications for understanding human nature.

Within her practice, Dr. Young diligently engages in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of various psychological disorders and behavioral dysfunctions, whether stemming from mental or physical health conditions. Beyond mere remediation, psychologists like Dr. Young also actively contribute to the advancement of positive mental health, aiding in the prevention of ailments and the enhancement of overall well-being.

As a beacon of expertise in her field, Dr. Young not only provides therapeutic interventions but also serves as a catalyst for empowering individuals to cultivate healthier behaviors and lifestyles. Through her comprehensive approach to patient care, she strives to optimize her patients' quality of life, fostering resilience and facilitating personal growth.

In her pursuit of promoting psychological wellness, Dr. Young epitomizes the profound impact psychologists can have in the lives of individuals, families, and communities, perpetuating a legacy of compassion, understanding, and healing.

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